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27. Oct 09

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Life is a Bite

try to bite the life

25. Oct 09

Decorative Concrete Coatings

Get this floor. This is a stained concrete basement floor in a residential home. Completed by a do it yourselfer. Thin skim coat with co...

23. Oct 09

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Rating Attractiveness: Consensus Among Men, Not Wo...

Hot or not? Men agree on the answer. Women don't. There is much more consensus among men about whom they find attractive than there is a...

19. Oct 09

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The Palm pre

The new-ness is underway, and Palm just debuted its latest handset, the Palm pre. It's a touchscreen phone with a trackball and a slide%...

17. Oct 09

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TIME's Top 10 Panics Ever

Mad Cow Disease -- Mad cow disease is the sinister name for bovine spongiform encephalopathy, and it's deserved. Though not contagious throu...

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NFL Office Pool

Create and Print NFL Games Office Pools. The Office Pool - NFL 2005 includes the entire regular and post season schedule of the 2005 se...

14. Oct 09

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The Future of Digital Culture: We Are People of th...

When technology shifts, it bends the culture. Once, long ago, culture revolved around the spoken word. Now invention is again overthrowing%2...

12. Oct 09

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Review - BlackBerry Curve 8900 - Part 1

10. Oct 09

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Bad Breath

one has to know how to treat bad breath

08. Oct 09


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